Some Napping Tips to Send You to the Land of Nod

napping tipsWith the holidays over, we all have a whole new bundle of stress and running around to look forward to. Life can get pretty tiring sometimes! And, naps just might be the answer, because no one is ever too old for naps! Power naps can really make a difference in terms of energy, activity and feel good states of mind.

The following napping tips are recommended for stressful periods of time, whenever you feel tired and don’t know what to do.

What is the Right Amount of Time?

One of the biggest napping tips involves the length of your nap time. It’s kind of hard to measure how much time you need when it comes to naps. But different pertinent studies have shown that half hour naps are the ideal time for anybody who feels a little sleepy. Anything more puts you in too deep of a sleep, leaving you feeling groggy, and anything less doesn’t give you enough rest.

Set an Alarm Clock

One of the best napping tips, and one that I’ve learned the hard way—always set an alarm because you don’t want to oversleep! It will mess up your sleeping pattern and it won’t help you get things done.

Your Cozy Spot

Everybody has a favorite spot where they like taking naps. What’s your favorite spot? The sofa? The bed? An improvised sleeping fort made of blankets? Sleep wherever you feel like it. It’s important to feel relaxed, safe and ready for the nap you deserve.

Have You Considered Yoga?

Yoga simply invites meditation over. A total relaxation of the mind and body. It will help you nap and sleep better. If you’re not into meditation and yoga, there are plenty of other sports that might be more suited for your type of personality.

All Types of Naps

Some people are used to taking naps daily. Some people are so worn out that they really need to get some shut eye. Other people have a busy schedule and they prefer to plan their naps so as to not interfere with their daily activities. Napping can be adjusted and you can get accustomed to it no matter what.

Say No to Coffee

It seems that coffee will make you crash later in the day and you won’t be able to stay too focused or invest enough energy into your daily tasks. Say no to coffee and yes to naps. It’s hard to let go of coffee so make gradual changes; drink coffee in the morning, but avoid drinking coffee before taking a nap, replace coffee with green tea or something similar.

The Eye Mask

Naps usually occur during the afternoon. The light can get your body and mind confused so wear eye mask. It will help you relax and fall asleep sooner.

Lower the Room Temperature

Lowering the room temperature a bit will invite sleep over. Also make sure that the environment isn’t noisy so you can have a nap in peace.

What are your favorite napping tips?