Spend Less Money for More School Clothes!

More School ClothesEvery year in September, I used to fret and worry about my kids’ school clothes. Are they fashionable enough? Do they fit well enough? Did I get enough…?

That was always one of my biggest fears – that my kids didn’t have enough school clothes. When times are tight, buying mountains of brand new school clothes isn’t usually possible. If you want your kids to have more than a week’s worth of outfits without going over budget, you usually need to get a little creative.

If money is tight this year, try these tips to spend less money and get more school clothes!

Don’t Toss Old Clothes Just Yet

Not ever piece of clothing that your child wears to school has to be brand spankin’ new. Take an hour or two before you go school clothes shopping to sort through your child’s old clothes. Set aside any clothes that are free of rips and stains and still fit well. These can usually be used for school clothes in the fall.

Have a Clothing Swap

Consider organizing a kids’ clothing swap with other parents in your area. Collect any clothing that is still in great shape but your child no longer wears and ask other parents to do the same. Get together and swap outfits and clothes for your kids. It’s usually a good idea to have the kids with you, so they can try on any potential swaps to ensure they fit.

Don’t Be Afraid of Thrift Stores

I’m a self-professed thrift store junkie, and I have no problem buying school clothes at my local Goodwill. Fortunately, my kids don’t mind much either. It can take some hunting, but you can almost always find potential kids’ school clothes that are in great shape at thrift stores. It’s also not uncommon to find brand new clothes that still have the tags on. To get the biggest bang for your buck, shop early on sale days, when you can pick up items of clothing for pennies.

Check the Clearance Racks

In the middle of summer and beginning of fall, you’re likely to find lots of tank tops and shorts on the clearance racks, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find some great school clothes! Whenever you go shopping for school clothes, make sure you hit the clearance racks first. You can usually find some great t-shirts or other clothes for school marked way down.

Stick With the Basics

Skip the super trendy outfits, which can be hard to mix and match. Instead, opt for basics, like simple t-shirts and plain blue jeans. Not only are they usually less expensive, but they’re also much easier to mix and match to create different outfits. Throw in a few inexpensive accessories and you have lots more potential outfits!

Watch for Coupons

Don’t hit the checkout before searching for coupons. Most stores that sell school clothes issue coupons for apparel more often than most people think. You can usually find these coupons in store ads and on store websites. If you’re shopping online, don’t checkout until you search for a promo or coupon code.

Do you have any other tips for getting more school clothes with less money?