Spring Cleaning Tips for the Organizationally Challenged




March is here!! What?  How did that happen so fast?  Anyway…in just a few short weeks, Spring will officially arrive and for many of us, that means Spring cleaning!  Many people though, feel like Spring cleaning is useless since they consider themselves to be “organizationally challenged.”

If you consider yourself to be among this group, there are ways for you to make the most out of your Spring cleaning project.  Here are our Spring cleaning tips for the organizationally challenged:

Start with the laundry.  Seriously.  For many of us, laundry is the most “messy” part of the house.  I personally hate doing laundry so it is often backed up and thanks to my kids it seems as though I wash things more often than they get worn.  When you are ready to start your Spring cleaning, gather all of your laundry into separated piles and begin to wash them.  Keep a “giveaway box” handy and once each article of clothing comes out of the dryer decide if it is going or staying.  If it is going, put it in the “giveaway” box and if it is staying, fold it instantly and put it away.  Do not, I repeat, do not save the folding for later (there’s a good chance you won’t get to it).  And while you are hanging out doing the laundry, why not clean the laundry room?

Smallest rooms next.  Smaller rooms are less overwhelming and therefore easier to tackle. This will typically be your bathroom(s).  This is a great reason to make this your next project during Spring cleaning.  Plus, once the bathroom or bathrooms are clean you are going to feel so much better!  Cleaning bathrooms is just never fun, but having a clean bathroom is.  Continuing this schedule throughout the house cleaning the smallest room to the biggest, helps to break down the chores into smaller, more manageable sections.  This is very important for those that are easily overwhelmed by housework.   
Grab a carry all.  Make sure that you have a cleaning caddy with you and you bring it from room to room.  Having to run back and forth between rooms for cleaning supplies may not seem like a big deal, but it is exhausting and annoying.  You can buy a caddy at your nearest dollar store and save yourself a lot of hassle.