Staples: Two Cases of Paper for Super Cheap

Time to stock up on paper!!  I know you need it with all the hot printable coupons I share with you.  Staples has a really good deal on reams of paper this week and here’s how to get it cheap AND delivered to your front door for free:

  • Sign on or login to your Ebates (2% cashback) or Shop at Home (3% cashback)
  • Once you are logged in, serach for Staples and click to shop at Staples.
  • Once at the Staples website, search for item number: 122374-QJ (add two to your cart)
  • Now look for a cheap filler to bring your total over $50: try Bic Pens ($1.29) or Cap Erasers, Assorted, 12/Pack ($0.99)
  • Click Add Edit Coupon on the next page. Use Coupon: 47617 to save $10
  • Your total will be $41 or so after $10 coupon plus your local Sales Tax

Then submit your receipt for Staples Easy Rebate (yes, it really is that easy) and you will get back $32 via rebate. PLUS you will get either 2% or 3% cash back via Ebates or Shop at Home. if you are new to either program you get a $5 bonus to boot.  Your total could be as low as $3 after coupon and rebates. Now, that IS a lot of paper but I am sure you will go through it. if you think it is still too much go in this deal with a friend or family member.

Thanks Passion for Savings!

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