STOP Buying Things You Don’t Need!

We all love saving money and finding good deals but I want you to think, do you really NEED it? The best way to save money it to not spend it on unnecessary items. So when you come to a clearance section, see a coupon or good sale think about these things before you buy!

Do you NEED the item? This is a personal question that’s not same for everyone but if you’re purchasing an item just because it’s a deal you need to step back and think. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on something that could potential just create clutter in your house and “waste” money.

Do you have room for it? Are you living in a smaller space? Is someone offering a great deal on a big dinning table? Although it might be a killer deal and something you “someday” could use in a bigger house, now is not the time to get it. Not only are you haven’t to find space to store it, it’s not benefiting you in anyway. There will be other deals out there when you have the space. So remember if you don’t have the space, don’t buy it.

Are you stressed or board? I find myself sometimes strolling through the clearance to burn off time before picking up the kids. Or I run to the store when I’m stressed out and just need away from the kids for a minute. These are not good times to buy “deals”. We’ve all heard of retail therapy and although you might not be a hard core shopper, don’t go out shopping when you’re stressed or board.

Would you buy it at full price? This is something to really pounder because we’re all couponers and deal seekers so usually the answer is no. But think about food, does your family “need” that pack of cookies? Or especially clothing (which I’m guilty of), is another shirt really essential or do they have enough to get through the week? How many towels and sheets do you need? So be sure to really think, would you buy it at full price.

Is it really what you want? Ever bought something and started second guessing it? Or it’s close to what you’ve been looking for but not quite it? I know I have and as soon as I get it hung on the wall or put on the bed I wish I wouldn’t have bought it. Do you search and find what you want beforehand. Then watch for sales on that item instead of settling for “second best”. You’ll feel better about your purchase and won’t waste money trying to find something that’s close to what you want but not exactly it.

Happy Shopping and remember, the best way to save money is to not spend it!