Stop Wasting Money with These Tips



Are you tired of running out of money before you run out of the month?  There are ways that you can save money so that you don’t have to deal with the stressful paycheck to paycheck cycle.  Here are several tips that can help you to stop wasting money and even put a little money aside at the same time!

Stop Buying Bottled Water.  Do you buy bottled water?  If so, you may want to rethink your decision.  Oftentimes bottled water costs upwards of $1 per bottle, which will add up significantly when you consider that the average person will buy several of these each day.

Pack Your Own Lunch.  If you go for the convenience of the deli or restaurant over packing your own lunch for work or school each day, you are wasting money.   An occasional restaurant meal is fine, but even hitting the “cheap” drive through restaurant at $5 dollars each trip adds up to $100 per month.  

Start Shopping for Used Stuff.  There are many items that you can and should buy used.  A car for example, in my opinion, should never be purchased brand new.  You can get much more car for your money if you purchase one that is pre-owned.  A brand new car loses thousands of dollars in value simply buy driving off of the lot.  Why not get the top of the line ride with a couple thousand miles and save big money instead.

Start Using Coupons.  Chances are, if you are visiting this website, you are quite familiar with coupons, but don’t forget to use them often!  Using coupons is a great way to save up to 40% on your grocery bills, which we all know is a huge expense for families.

Stop Avoiding Generics.  For many, many items, the generic version is exactly the same as the name brand one.  In most instances, items of all types (from diapers to aspirin to frozen corn) the product came off of the same assembly line as its generic counterpart and is identical with nothing different but the label.  

Have you found any great ways to stop from wasting money?  

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