Stretch Your Small Grocery Budget with These Foods!


When pay gets cut or you’re looking to save more money, the food category seems to be the first one you cut back on. If you find yourself in this situation there are some foods that are better to buy. Foods that cost less and fill you up. Keep in mind, usually buying these foods in bulk is cheaper but you don’t want them to spoil because then you’re just throwing away money. So be wise and find creative ways to use and store these foods.

Beans – this is a great source of protein and leaves you feeling full. It’s always a great substitute for meat. We’ll sometimes have rice and beans and wrap it up in a tortilla or just eat them as is with some veggies. Keep in mind, buying them dry verses canned is cheaper.

Potatoes – many times we’ll add potatoes to soups or casseroles. We’ll also just eat baked potatoes as well. This can be used in so many ways.

Frozen Vegetables – we always stock up on these during case lot sales (which are going on now here in Utah). We’ll usually see them for a $1 or less per bag for things like corn, peas, green beans and others. Although fresh is better and has more nutrients it’s also more expense. This way you’re still getting your veggies while on a small budget.

Bananas – these are a staple in our house whether tight on a budget or not. They’re great in our shakes in the morning or we eat them on our peanut butter sandwiches. Bananas are great for potassium and are usually the less expensive fruit. I’ll find if they’re starting to go soft before we’re ready to eat them, I’ll cut them into 1-2″ pieces and freeze for our morning shakes. That way they don’t go to waste.

Rice – preferable brown rice. It’s a great filler item like potatoes. We’ll use them in casseroles a lot or on the side. I’ll also cook up meatballs and gravy to serve over rice. You’ll find rice in the bulk section where it’s pretty cheap and can be stored long term is sealed right.

Eggs – these have gotten pretty cheap and we can usually find them for around $.10 or so here in Utah. So they’re a cheap option to be cooking with. May times you’ll find us having breakfast for dinner where I’ll cook eggs, toast and maybe bacon if we’re lucky. German pancakes is a great option as well.

Oats – oats are another great cheap bulk items you can buy. Now that it’s cooling down we love eating oatmeal in the morning. We’ll add brown sugar or our freeze dried fruit to it in the morning. My husband has been known to make is famous “PJ & Jelly Oatmeal” as well. Pretty yummy.

All of these are great staples to keep in your home. When you see sales, especially on these items, make sure to stock up. Then when you find yourself in a pickle right before pay day, look into your pantry and get creative with what you have.

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