How to Stuff Christmas Stockings!

How to Stuff Christmas StockingsChristmas is in just another couple of days. I don’t know about your kids, but mine are almost bursting out of their skin right about now! I have to admit that even grumpy old mom (That would be me…) is even pretty excited!

My favorite part of the year has to be Christmas morning. I love watching my little darlings’ eyes light up over and over on Christmas morning as they rip open their gifts and pummel their Christmas stockings. I spend hours the night before arranging and rearranging an rearranging everything again just to make sure everything is perfect for when they wake up and creep their sneaky little butts down the stairs. (Good thing I’ve got the hang of making it look like there are lots of gifts under the tree!)

The first glimpse of the holiday that they see every Christmas morning is their Christmas stockings. I’ve found that hanging their Christmas stockings on the banister slows them down a bit, and they’re less likely to start shaking all the shiny boxes under the tree before we get up.

Because their first sight is the Christmas stockings in the morning, I always try to pay special attention to these on Christmas Eve. If you need a little assistance on how to stuff Christmas stockings this year, never fear! I come from a long line of Christmas stocking stuffers — ones who stuff Christmas stockings, not ones whom get stuffed into them… — and I’m here with a few tips for you!

Christmas Stockings Aren’t Just for Kids—or Humans!

Whether you’re 8 or 80, everyone loves a Christmas stocking! So, don’t let the kids have all the fun! Stuff Christmas stockings for some of the adults in the family too. And, don’t forget about the little furballs, of course. Stuff a Christmas stocking filled with treats and toys for Fido or Fluffy too.

Christmas Stockings Don’t Have to Be Hung on the Mantle

Don’t have a fireplace mantle? No problem! You can hang Christmas stockings just about anywhere you have room. Consider hanging them from a sturdy bookshelf, banister, or on the wall behind the Christmas tree. You can also set them on the couch or dining room chairs. Be careful if you have pets, though, since small items or treats found in stockings can be harmful to them.

Freebies are Fine

If you’re running low on Christmas funds, don’t feel bad about stuffing Christmas stockings with a few items you’ve gotten for free. Toss in free samples, like small trial size bottles of lotion or high end hair products, coffee or hot cocoa samples, markers, or any other freebies you have stashed. Stay away from hygiene items like deodorant, toothpaste, or feminine care products, though, since they will likely send the wrong message.

Cheapies are Great

Christmas stocking stuffers are meant to be small inexpensive items, so reserve the large or pricey gifts for under the tree. You can often find inexpensive stocking stuffers in dollar stores or clearance aisles.

Add Tasty Treats

We always stuff Christmas stockings with fruits, like oranges and apples every year. Not only does this cut down on the number of small trinkets needed to stuff Christmas stockings, but it also provided a tasty and healthy Christmas morning snack. Of course, we also usually include goodies like candy, homemade cookies, and hot cocoa packets.

Split Large Quantities

Find larger quantities of items and stuff your Christmas stockings with a few items from each package. This works with things like large bags of fun-size candy bars, boxes of hot cocoa mix, and party favors.

Wrap What You Can

If it can be wrapped, wrap it! It’s just more fun to unwrap stuff on Christmas morning, don’tcha think?This will also help slow down eager little beavers on Christmas morning and help prolong the precious moments. Not to mention, it will give you a little extra time to get that first cup of coffee down before they get to the goodies under the tree!

It’s Never Too Early to Collect Christmas Stocking Stuffers

I love to hit the Christmas clearance sales for cheap stocking stuffers for next year. I also collect them throughout the year during spring clearance sales and summer clearance sales especially. Whenever I find a free or inexpensive little goody that can go in a stocking, it goes into my stocking stuffer box. This helps eliminate the last minute oh-my-gosh-I-don’t-have-any-stocking-stuffers moments that used to be all too familiar to me at one time…

Any other tips on how to stuff Christmas stockings that I forgot? What are your go-to Christmas stocking stuffers?


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