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Fremont Rosenbloom: Party Assassin for Hire by [Bast, Michael]
Looking for something fun to read when you need a break from the summer chaos? Maybe your teenagers need something to keep their brains in shape while they are out of school? Check out this fun book! My teenager read this book and it is FUN! He loved it! This price is a great deal too! Just $.99 – you can’t go wrong!

“Fans of James Dashner and Richard Paul Evans will love Fremont Rosenbloom‘s crazy adventures! At first, you won’t like Fremont Rosenbloom. What he does for a living is rather detestable. Let’s say you have an ex-husband getting remarried, or perhaps your slave driver boss’ son’s birthday is coming up. If you want the occasion to be remembered, you call Fremont. Ruining special occasions is his specialty, in fact you could say it is his art.”

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