Sunday Coupon Sneak Peek: 3/23/14

Sunday Coupon Sneak Peek

(Thanks to Sunday Coupon Preview for helping to provide this list! Remember, though, that this list also isn’t set in stone, since coupons and inserts vary by region and paper. If you need more coupons, be sure to check out our coupon database! You can also print coupons from Coupons.comRed Plum and Smartsource.)

This weekend you can expect up to two inserts in your Sunday paper – one Red Plum and one Smartsource. Here’s a general idea of what you might get, but be sure to check out Sunday Coupon Preview for a much more detailed list!

Red Plum

  • $5.50 in Axe coupons
  • $4 in Degree coupons
  • $18 in Dove coupons
  • $2.75 in Noxzema coupons
  • $4 in Tresseme coupons
  • $4 in Tums coupons


  • $4 in Colgate coupons
  • $4 in Goodnites coupons
  • $3.50 in Huggies coupons
  • $4 in Kotex coupons
  • $4 in Neutrogena coupons
  • $3.50 in Purina coupons
  • $7 in Similac coupons
  • $27 in Schick coupons!



Thanks again to Sunday Coupon Preview!