Super Cheap Baby Basics Diapers

Remember that $4 off Baby Basics diaper printable coupon I shared with you earlier?  Well there’s a great deal to be had with it.  First, I didn’t realize but the coupon is for $4 off Baby Basic diapers but with a minimum purchase of at least $7.  As I shared before the diapers sell for around $7.99 at Super Valu stores.  The good deal about it is that when you buy one pack of diapers a catalina coupon prints at checkout for another $4 off Baby basic diaper and this one doesn’t have a minimum purchase.  Check the clearance section of your Super Valu store as many shoppers there are reporting finding clearance jumbo packs for $3.99.  So you could possibly get some free diapers!

Make sure to check the store locator to find the store closest to you that carries Baby Basic diapers.

Thanks Pocket Your Dollars!

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