Super Hot: Free Oreos Tomorrow 1/25 at 3PM EST

Get ready to get your hands on a free box of Oreos courtesy of the Manning Brothers.  That’s right!  The Manning brothers were competing in a fun Double Stuff Racing League and they won!  Thank Goodness they won too because Oreos had promised that it would giveaway 150,000 packages of Oreos if they did. To get this freebie, become a fan of Oreos on Facebook and come back to the fan page tomorrow 1/25 at 3PM EST to get this freebie.

Now, you are probably thinking “That’s a lot of oreos!”  and it is BUT I can assure you this freebie will go fast.  Because this fan page has more than 3 million fans and I am sure there will be a lot of them hoping to grab this freebie.  You better believe I will be on the page at 3PM EST sharp to snag one of these for my hubby who is a HUGE fan of double stuffed oreos.  Leave me a comment if you love Oreos!

Thanks Moms by Heart for the heads up on this sweet treat!

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