It’s Swagtastic Party: Swagbucks Turns 2! + Special Code for New Users

Swagbucks is turning two! I have only been using Swagbucks for about a year and if you are not using Swagbucks then let me tell you something: Swagbucks is a bigger movement than you think. Swagbucks has over 165K fans on Facebook and 56K followers on Twitter. I am amazed how many of you are using Swagbucks. Every time I have alerted you to a free Swagcode on this blog’s Facebook page I get lots of comments.

So what’s Swagbucks rolling out for their two year anniversary?

1) Inflation hit Swagbucks! What used to be one Swagbuck is now 10. So a code that was worth one Swagbuck is now worth 10.

2) This allows you more ways to earn Swag Bucks every day: you will be able to earn by having their toolbar visible on their browser and also by simply viewing our ‘No Obligation’ special offers.

3) New look home page and Swag Store & rewards store: 3.0 will include a revamped, cleaner interface that will provide a better user experience.

4) Launch of the Swagstakes Portal: As you may know we currently run about a dozen on-going sweepstakes (called Swagsttakes) at any given time. With the launch of 3.0 we are going to have a brand new, fully stocked Swagstakes portal in which there will be dozens of Swagstakes running at all times! Some contests will be limited entry (meaning a set number of entries will be offered) so the odds for a user to win are greater. The tentative list of items that will be offered during initial launch should include: $100 Amazon Gift Cards, Sony Bravia 32″ TV, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod Touch, Flip Ultra HD Camera, Panasonic Blu Ray with Remote, Apple iPad, Sopranos Complete Series Box Set, Rachel Ray 10 piece cookware set, Playstation 3 system + games bundle, Canon Powershot Camera, Seinfeld Complete Series DVD box Set, Viziio 22″ LCD TV and plenty more!

Join Now= Earn 60 Swagbucks

If you are not a “Swagging” yet I have good news for you. If you join today only you can earn not 30 but 60 Swagbucks when you use the code COMMONSWAG (case sensitive)after you join Swagbucks. This code is only for new accounts.  Swagbucks is a search engine that randomly rewards you with Swag bucks every time you use it. The more you use it the more chances you have to win these Swag bucks. Accumulate these bucks to get free stuff. For example, one $5 Amazon Gift card is worth 45 swag bucks. You get 3 swag bucks just for signing up. Once you are signed up download the toolbar to make sure you use Swagbucks every time you search the web.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter or be a Fan of Common Sense with Money because all throughout the day Swagbucks will be releasing FREE swagcodes. So I will be alerting you to them and if I miss any i hope other fans will share on the Facebook page as well so nobody misses the free codes.

UPDATE: Hey everyone!  Let’s keep this post updated for any free codes that come out today for those without Facebook or Twitter Access.  Just remember, don’t share the code, share were you can find it.