Tanga Trash and Mail Order Spouses!

Tanga Trash

At first when I saw this, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke. But, well, they’re serious….

Of course, it’s not REAL trash! For $14.99, you can get a nice bag of Tanga Trash! What is it, you ask? Apparently, it’s a package of surprise goodies. It’s one of those “you never know what you’ll get” things, since it’s most likely overstock that needs to be cleared out. Sometimes you can get some really great things in these types of deals though.

Here’s what Tanga has to say about it…

Someone in our warehouse, who shall remain nameless, forgot to properly take inventory on some of Tanga’s products. Now we are stuck with an abundance of crazy good products that have no where to go. So instead of trying to re-organize this huge mess, we figured it would be easier to just cut our losses and pass on these massive savings to you, our loyal tanganites. We’ve got some nicer stuff this time around so your chances of getting a home run are higher than ever!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good surprise! I might go for it – any other takers?

While you’re over there, make sure you check out the mail-order spouses!