Target Accused of Ripping People Off

I just wanted to share this with you this article making the rounds right now: Target Accused Of Not Giving Full Value On Coupons.  In short what is happening is that Target is in some cases not crediting the full face value of the manufacturer coupons used in store.  The result is that in many cases people are getting shorted a LOT of money in their purchases.  For example I got an email from my friend Marcia and she shares she was shorted $12 on one shopping trip alone!

This all started when Target adjusted their registers to adjust the value of the coupons down so the coupons wouldn’t beep when the value of the item was less than the value of the coupon. The problem is that in some cases the coupon adjusts even when the value is more.  This is the case as the example delineated in the article.  You have a coupon for $0.75 of two items and each cost $0.69 cents.  The coupon is adjusted down to 69 cents when it shouldn’t.

This is a very serious issue Target has in their hands and I am glad it has been brought to the public’s attention so that it can be fixed.  I wanted you to be aware of it to make sure you watch the register correctly to avoid being shorted and if you are bring it up to the cashier’s attention for a quick fix right then and there.

Have you noticed this sort of coupon shorting on your receipts or at the register? Did you get a satisfactory resolution to it?

Thanks Marcia, Mrs Walker and Totally Target!