Updated: Target Toy Clearance Alert

Reporting live from Target thanks to my iPhone: tons of toys 75% off. Run!

OK, here’s some of the stuff I got for my boys:

Aquadoodle Mat for $4.98

Go Diego Go Magna Doodle for $4 (forgive me if I can’t recall exact prices, don’t have receipt in front of me)

Wonder Play Laptop Work Bench (very happy about this one as I waited for it to go 30%, then 50% and finally 75% off)

Air Hogs Twin Thunder for $15 (for my husband, really! I just knew he would love it.  It was most expensive toy bought)

Imaginext Dragon

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tag Reader book for $3.xx

Groovy Girl Dolls for $2.98

I did not go crazy but I do admit it was really hard.  I hope you were able to find some good deals.

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