Target Toy Clearance Update

I just got back from my Target where I scored a whole bunch of toys for 75% off.  I actually had a late start with three little kids and summer schedule and all.  I did not get there until after 10:30am.  So when I got there the stock was somewhat picked out.  That’s when I noticed two different people with their carts piled high with stuff and one more person was half way there too.

Still, it was not a mob house like when I shopped last year in my old town.  I still had a chance to go through the aisles twice and get what I wanted.  I prepared by going on Sunday and scoping out what to get. Most of what I wanted was still there.

I wish I could show you what I got but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for my kids.  Plus, I also don’t want them to think it is all for them as I got some items for birthday presents and to donate.

What did YOU score?