The Dollar Toothbrush Club – Free Toothbrush & Shipping!

One Toothbrush and Shipping from The Dollar Toothbrush Club

Are your toothbrushes making your family sick? A toothbrush that is not replaced often enough can harbor five common germs: Flu, Staph, Strep, Yeast and E.Coli.

The Dollar Toothbrush Clubs sends a Toothbrush to as many people in your household as you would like either once a month or once every other month ensuring healthy smiles! No hassle toothbrush replacement!

  • Receive Your First Toothbrush and Shipping Free (One Free per Shipping Address)
  • Simply Join The Dollar Toothbrush Club – No Membership Fees and No Long Term Commitments. Cancel, change or hold your order at any time!
  • More Toothbrushes can be added to your order for $1 each and included in the Free Shipping Claim.
  • Dentist recommended highest quality toothbrushes. The same quality toothbrush will cost you three times this much as the grocery store. Save $2 -$5 per brush per family member! Smart brushing at a smart price!
  • Toothbrushes that make your mouth feel good and your heart! For every toothbrush ordered the Dollar Toothbrush Club also donates one to children around the world in medically underserved areas.

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