The First Cuts to Make to Your Budget!

Are you trying to tighten up your budget and save? It seems with a swipe of a card all your money just disappears but when you start tracking where your money is going you get better insight. So what do you start cutting back on to save money? Here are the first things you should cut out of your budget and stop spending money on.

  1. Restaurants
    For us this is usually where our money goes to waste. It’s quick, easy to pick up and just what I think I need after a long day. Often times it’s because we don’t plan ahead. I didn’t pack lunch before we headed out to the park or I just went to the grocery store instead of meal planning for the week. I just need a drink from my favorite soda shop. These expenses add up fast! Take my stop at the soda shop for example. I spend $3.20 every time I stop to get a drink which is usually 5 times a week. So in one month my soda stops are costing $64!
  2. Cable/Netflix
    You can also include all your other tv subscriptions like Hulu and such! I know it’s difficult to cut this out but really the cost adds up quick. We have found other options for watching tv including the ABC app. Although we can’t watch a show as soon as it airs we’re still able to catch up on our favorite shows for FREE! So look around at other ideas and cut out your tv subscriptions.
  3. Car Washes
    We have quite a few car washes close by that are so fun to go through but really if you’re taking your car throw the wash even twice a month for the basic wash, you’re spending around $12 a month which adds up to $144 a year! Do it yourself with a bucket of soapy water and the hose!
  4. Paper Products
    This one is a little harder for me to let go but a sweet friend of my brought it to my attention. She doesn’t buy paper towels, they don’t have any in their house. They just use their kitchen towels for any spills or wiping their hands with. Every penny counts here when you’re trying to cut back so give it a try!
  5. Cleaning Products
    Did you realize you can make your own cleaning products for so much cheaper? Vinegar and Dawn have really become my go to cleaning products when I’m cutting back. These items are cheaper than the name brand items you’ll buy at the grocery store.
  6. Gifts
    This might be the hardest one to cut as we’ve become a world of possessions. But get create with your gifts if you really feel the need to gift something to someone. I thoughtful homemade card is exactly what grandma will love. Or make your dear friend her favorite treat. There’s lots of options that are less expensive or even free (like time with each other) that they’ll love just as much!