The Many Advantages of Getting Outdoors

getting outdoorsGetting outdoors is good for you! If you’re an outdoors person you already know or you can easily guess the many advantages getting outdoors offers you. If you do not love the outdoors so much, get ready to be pleasantly surprised of the many advantages that outdoor activities can offer…


People that deal with anger management or stressful lives need a lot of time off. Both doctors and psychologists getting outdoors and participating in activities from walking in the parks to jogging, hiking or even just enjoying the beauty of a landscape. The depressed, angry or anxious persons that spent some time outside felt a whole lot better.

Creativity and Outdoors

If your job involves a lot of creativity, the outdoors has been linked with a boost when it comes to creativity and imagination. So if you have a writer’s block or you’re an artist who’s in search for inspiration, you can go outside and get inspired by nature or the people that are passing you by.

The Sounds, the Smell, the Colors

The sounds of nature, the fresh smell of a forest and the beautiful colors of getting outdoors can have a great impact over our mental and physical health. The sounds are soothing, the smell makes us more relaxed and creative and the natural colors are pleasing to the eye and mind.

Endorphins and Expelled Toxins

When we walk outside we release endorphins and expel toxins. This keeps us healthier and when we recover after some illness, doctors also recommend the outdoors.

Staying Fit

A simple 30 minute walk can help you stay fit. Of course, this daily ritual should be backed up by regular gym visits and a healthy diet in order to be more efficient. But it doesn’t take too much effort from your part to stay healthy. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

All Ages

Children, teens, adults and elderly people that love spending time outdoors are healthier and happier compared to those who spend most of their time indoors. The outdoors people also practice introspection easier and are more determined to achieve different goals in life. People who make getting outdoors a priority also find it easier to socialize and function in society.

Vitamin D Intake

Being exposed to the sun has its advantages. Use sunscreen to protect yourself, but remember that getting outdoors and into the sun is important. The sun provides you with vitamin D, an essential vitamin that keeps you healthy.