The Price You Pay for Being Married to Work

married to work

You hear a lot of people saying “I’m married to work”. Like any important decision that people have to take in their lives, this choice has advantages and disadvantages that one should consider before dedicating (mostly) every resource to work.

People who have decided to be married to their work admit, later on in their lives, that they feel a slight regret to choosing this path in life. There is a certain price you have to be willing to pay, especially when it comes to your personal life and relationships.

Unavailable for Relationships

When you are married to work, something’s gotta give. In this case you are making yourself be unavailable for relationships, for interactions and emotions. This can impact your social skills and emotional intelligence later on in life. Are you ready to say no to love? Are you willing to dedicate everything to work and turn your back on relationships?

Satisfaction and Fulfilment versus Avoidance

Analyze your actions, behavior and emotions better before taking such a big decision. Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled when you’re working? Or are you just working to keep your mind busy and to avoid people and relationships because you fear rejection and heartache? If this is the case, running away from your problems will only make them worse.

Missing Out on Things

A lot of events are happening in your town. Parties, concerts, you name it. You could go traveling, you could have a vacation and pursue your hobbies, passions, dreams. You could meet up with friends and find out what they have been up to. Instead you’re working extra hours at work.

Resentment and Regret

Before being married to work, since this is a very big commitment from your part, are you sure that you have gone through every possible scenario before making the big move? Are you sure you don’t feel a slight hint of regret or resentment for what you are about to do? If all is fine with you, go ahead. But if you are still hesitating, give yourself more time to think things through.

Loneliness and Isolation

There will be lonely nights when you watch movies, walk, eat, sleep alone. You will feel isolated at times. Is loneliness bearable, tolerable or burdensome to you? If you are okay with the single life, then it seems that being married to work is the thing to you. If, however, loneliness is unbearable, you should reconsider your choices.


Everything falls on your shoulders. You have to provide for food, you have to pay the bills all by yourself. Can you handle the pressure?

Freedom and Independence

There is a certain satisfaction that will boost your self-esteem. And this satisfaction comes from making it on your own. You pay the bills, you make the rules, you can afford what you want and you love your freedom and independence. This comes from being dedicated to your work and being rewarded with promotions and new titles in your workplace. You are proud of your achievements. Not many feelings can top this.

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