Things You Should STOP Buying This Year!

The new year has brought out the organizer in me. I’ve started realizing I don’t need as much “stuff” as I have and the more stuff I have, the more things I’m having to organize. This is true with all areas in my home. We have to much clothing in our closets, to much tupperware (please say I’m not alone in that one), a ton of toys, lots of craft supplies and on and on. So I’ve decided cutting back will not only help free up some space in our home and help us get organized but it’s going to save our pocket book too. Here’s what I’m working on NOT BUYING this year:

  • Food We Don’t Eat – I know with the new year everyone is looking at their eating habits and thinking about how they can clean it up but make sure you’re mindful of what you’re buying. Will you and your family really eat it?
  • Trendy Clothing – I have a habit of getting online and checking out the latest trends but remember trends fade and while they might be fun for a year (or sometimes two) they’ll need to be replaced. So I’m going to be more mindful while I clothing shop and watch for great deals on my staple pieces.
  • Books – Man I love buying books especially for my kids but we’ve really come to love the library. It not only helps with the space issue in our home and having to find more room for more books but also the pocket book!
  • Cosmetics – If you love trying out new cosmetic products like I do this can be a big money saver! Make sure you’ve used up (or close to) what you have on hand before purchase your next product. This can go for your makeup, hair products, perfumes and many others.
  • Gadgets – This will be a big money saver! I promise you don’t need the newest phone or an upgraded computer. These are all things that would be nice to have but not usually NEEDED! Plus, I’m making it a goal this year to throw out (safely) all the old gadgets we have laying around the house.
  • Home Decor – This one is another hard category for me and will take a lot of will power but I really have a great home decorated how I like so there’s not need to buy that cute new sign I saw at Hobby Lobby or the lamps that are on sale. A great way to give your home a new look without spending a penny is moving things around. Change where you have your pictures hung. Move your bed to the other side of the room. Give your lamp a new layer of paint that you have on hand.
  • Kitchen Gadgets – Isn’t fun to have a new kitchen gadget? But this goes along with trend a lot of the time and if you’re kitchen is as full as mine, you won’t be able to find a home for your new kitchen gadget. So be mindful and maybe hold off this year and see if you can do without.
  • Recipe Books – I luckily cleaned out my recipe books over the fall but lets say I got rid of more than I kept. That’s because there’s so many great recipes online! Often times I’ll find a recipe online and if we liked it, I’ll add it to our family cookbook otherwise I can just pass over it and not have it taking up space in my home.
  • CDs/DVDs – I know this one will be hard for some but there’s so many great options to have all your music and movies digital! This last year we switched over to using Vudu and have been able to get some of our movies we own on DVD digital, freeing up space in our home.

I’m excited to see just how much stuff I can clean out and get rid of but as well being able to save so much money. We’re planning a fun family trip (hoping to surprise the kids with this Christmas!) at the end of the year! What would you do with the extra money you save?