Think Outside the Basket: 10 Easter Basket Ideas You Can Reuse!

Easter Basket Ideas That You Can Reuse

Those pastel Easter baskets stacked on the shelf sure do look pretty, but are they really practical? Reusing an Easter basket around the house isn’t impossible, and it can certainly be done. But, it can be hard to pull off if you don’t want the painted cartoon rabbits and pastel colors to make feel like Easter all year round in your house!

I actually gave up on traditional Easter baskets after only a couple of years. These days I generally stick with Easter Baskets that we can reuse. It just seems more practical and much less wasteful to me. (Because you now those Easter baskets are going to either end up on the trash or on the thrift store shelf!)

Looking for some unique ideas for Easter baskets that you can reuse? Here are a dozen to get your creative juices flowing!

#1. Natural Baskets

The hubby may disagree with me, but I say that you can never have enough baskets in a home, and I love natural baskets as Easter baskets! They look so pretty even when plain, but you can also weave some pretty  ribbon into it or add a bow to make it more festive. Wicker baskets can also be reused after Easter in just about every room in the house. You can usually pick up some cheap wicker baskets at the dollar store or at the thrift store.

#2. Fabric Bins

Like wicker baskets, you can use fabric bins in just about any room in the house after Easter! Get a neutral color or a color that goes well with your current color scheme. You can often find nice deals on fabric bins at craft stores or large retailers like Target or Walmart. I’ve even found them at my local Dollar Tree.

#3. Plastic Totes and Baskets

Bright plastic totes are now my main choice for Easter baskets. The Dollar Store has a nice selection of plastic organization bins and baskets in several colors. I’ve gotten each of the kids some plastic basket-like totes for the past few years from the Dollar Tree. These are much sturdier than you’d think, and both of my kids still use the previous year’s Easter baskets to store and carry their toys.

#4. Wastepaper Bins

“Here ya go kid—a trash can! Happy Easter!” Hey, but they work! There are actually some nice (and cheap) metal mesh, woven, and plastic trash cans at most stores that, when decorated and filled with Easter grass and goodies, make great Easter baskets! You don’t have to just reuse them as trashcans either. They also make great storage bins!

#5. Hats

Easter bonnets, fedoras, cowboy hats, baseball caps—just about any hat can be flipped upside down and stuffed full of Easter goodies! And, it doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to figure out how to reuse it after Easter.

#6. Reusable Fabric Totes

I’m a big fan of reusable fabric totes. I also happen to think that they would make great Easter baskets! You can pick u some cute reusable totes for very little money, or you can decorate some fabric totes that you already have if you’re the crafty type. Use the totes after Easter during trips to the pool, beach, or grocery store.

#7. Tackle Boxes

Got a fishing fan? Stuff a small plastic tackle box full of Easter goodies! Bonus points if you include a new fishing pole! After Easter, your little one can have a place to stash his own fishing supplies.

#8. Purses

Just about any little girl would love a purse stuffed with candy and girly things, and so would most older girls! Using a purse as an Easter basket is an awesome idea for a tween or teen girl, since they’re more ‘mature’ than traditional Easter baskets. Fill it with bath and body goodies and cosmetics. And chocolate! Don’t forget the chocolate!

#9. Flower Pots

Use an inexpensive plastic flower pot as an Easter basket and include a seed packet or two. After Easter, your little ones can plant the seeds and watch their plants grow.

#10. Toys

Some large toys can also be used as Easter baskets as well, and this idea is sure to thrill the little ones! I’m thinking small wagons, shopping carts, dump trucks, sand pails, or just about any other toy that can be filled with goodies. It may be a slightly more expensive option for a reusable Easter basket, but the little ones will have hours of fun with their new toys afterward!

Are you thinking outside of the basket yet? I’d love to hear some of your ideas for Easter baskets you can reuse!