Those Freebie Offers do Work (sometimes at least)

I got a nice surprise in our mail earlier today: My free cooking book from Huggies (The One Armed Cook). I posted details for this deal a month ago. Getting it a month later is not too bad.
I scanned through it at dinner time and it seems like there are some good recipes in there. I will post the recipes as I try them. The writer has easy to make recipes because the premise of the book is that you are busy taking care of a baby and don’t have much time for prepping and such. So, she does use some convenience items but that should be easy to work around.

Now, let’s see if I get the free swaddle blanket.

Finally, I am still looking everyday for decent deals or freebies, but is it just me or it seems like deals are scarce lately? Maybe more after Black Friday and as the Holidays get closer.