Throw A Budget Friendly Holiday Party With These Tips

Are you planning to throw a holiday party this year?  When it comes to the holidays those fun parties are what makes some of the best memories.   If you are wanting to throw an epic party, but you are needing to do it on a budget, check out these awesome tips on how you can throw up a budget-friendly holiday party.

Even with a budget-friendly party, you can have a ton of fun and make a ton of awesome memories.  So do not let the fact that you are on a budget, keep you from reaching out and trying to have the best party ever, it can be done!

Make it a potluck.  Food expenses are typically the most expensive part of a party, holiday or not.  Make sure that you don’t let these food expenses break you.  Potlucks are a great way to save money on parties because of how much you are able to save on food expenses.  If someone offers to bring a dish to your party, let them.  

Skip the decor.  Let the food be your decor and you will save a bunch of money, but not having to put out money trying to decorate for your guests.

No alcohol.  Next to food, alcohol is one of the biggest expenses that you will typically encounter when shopping for your holiday party.  If you choose to forgo the alcohol this year, you will find yourself with a lot of extra padding in your budget.


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