Time for a Holiday Shopping Disclaimer

As you guys know we are now in November and I know most of you are rounding up your Holiday Shopping list. In this post I wanted to share a few important things with you:

First, since I know a lot of you are and will be shopping for Holiday presents, I will start sharing with you deals on items that I think some of you may have on your list. In general I am thinking toys, small appliances, gifts for guys, electronics, etc. These are not deals that I regularly blog about but because I know some of you are looking for them I will be sharing them with you.

Here is my disclaimer: Not every deal I share will be for you. But it may be for some else. What I am trying to say is that when I blog about a deal I am not saying quick buy it now! I am saying buy it if it is on your holiday shopping list. So keep that shopping list on hand so you don’t deviate!

Second, I also wanted to share how you can keep on top of things.  Long time readers know that some of these Holiday deals come and go very fast!  So if you want to keep good tabs on things I suggest you follow Common Sense with Money in the way that best suits you: via Twitter, Facebook, RSS or email or by downloading our mobile apps.  With any of these you should be able to keep up and get the items on your shopping list for a lot less.

Finally, speaking of Holiday Shopping Lists, what do you have on yours? Let me help you score a deal on the items that you are looking to buy for the Holidays by sharing them with you (leave comment on this post). If you tell me what it is you plan on buying I can do a better job at keeping an eye out for deals.

So, that is all I wanted to share with you. Can you believe that the holidays are around the corner?

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