Time saving Tip: Freeze Browned Ground Beef

Time is money right?, so let me help you save you some.

Figuring out a quick dinner is always a daily struggle for me. This is my tip to cut back on some of that cooking time: when I buy ground beef for really cheap at my store, I go ahead and brown some of it. Doing this has two benefits. First, it prolongs freezer life if you are buying meat on closeout because it was close to “best by” date.

Second, browned meat puts you a step closer to this meals: sloppy joes, tacos, shepherd’s pie, spaghetti meat sauce, chili, stuffed peppers, lasagna, tons of possibilities. Defrosting is a snap in the microwave!

So, next time you bring home ground beef from the grocery store, brown some of it before you stick it in the freezer.