Tips and Tricks to Fall Asleep Fast

fall asleep fastThere are some stressful periods in our lives when we don’t seem to get enough sleep. Our sleeping pattern is temporary disrupted by our thoughts or about the situations we go through. A change in our routine can create some problems when it comes to sleeping, and it’s entirely possible to learn how to fall asleep fast and stay asleep.

Here are a few tips to push you toward the land of nod…

Reading a Book

Just lie in bed, under a fuzzy blanket and grab your favorite book. If your body is already tired you’ll easily fall asleep, even if the book is interesting. It will distract your body and you will fall asleep in no time.

The Music in the Background

Turn the volume down till it reaches a pleasant level where you can hear calming sounds of nature or the songs you love best. Make sure to pick calm, relaxing music and you should fall asleep fast.

Bye, Bye Mobile Phones

We all fall for this trap; we take our mobile phones with us when we go to bed. We find ourselves browsing the internet, reading the newsfeed on different social media sites and even using some cool mobile apps. This can take hours and naturally we lose essential hours of sleeping. You might find that leaving the electronics in another room at bedtime can help you fall asleep fast!

Consider Working Out

Working out during the day (or night) depending on your personality and time can help you feel tired and fall asleep fast come bedtime. You’ll fall asleep the moment you rest your head on the pillow. And working out also makes you feel happier, be healthier and look better. It’s a win-win situation, really. You don’t have to consider intensive work outs; even 30 minutes of exercise and movement on a regular basis can help.

Drink Hot Beverages

Mulled wine, hot tea/cocoa/milk can make you feel sleepy. There are certain tea ingredients that help you relax and sleep better like lavender or chamomile. Just e sure to stay away with anything containing caffeine.

Take Hot Baths

Having a long hot bubble bath after a hard day can make you feel so great. It will help you unwind, think of what happened during the day, think of solutions and go to sleep without tossing and turning. At bedtime, you might find that you can fall asleep fast after a hot bath.

Adjust the Thermostat

Go to your bedroom and lower the thermostat. After a warm bath, imagine entering a colder room. The first instinct is to go and hide under the blankets. You will fall asleep in a matter of seconds.

Dim the Lights

Have you noticed that dimmed lights have a romantic, intimate effect? They make us more open for talks, but they also make us feel sleepy. Try this trick out and see for yourself, and shut all of the lights off completely at bedtime. That means no night light or television too!