Tips for Going Back to College at 40+


Are you thinking about going back to college? Are you over 40 and worried that you are going to be completely out of place? First of all, don’t stress! Even though it may seem like it, you will not be the only one your age there. 

If you are looking for some tips for going back to college at 40 or older, check out this list below and get yourself ready to learn and grow!

Tips for Going Back to College at 40+

Organize Your Time Wisely

The good news is, you have more life experience. The bad news is, you have a lot more going on than you probably did at your typical college age. Just realize that going back to college is going to add a lot to your plate and you need to be prepared to use your time wisely when trying to tackle everything. 

Recognize That You Aren’t Alone

Again, you will not be the only one there in your age group. Sure, you’ll be in the minority age group for students, but you will most definitely not be the only one there that is doing this incredibly brave thing! That knowledge can help you tremendously when you start to second guess your decision to return to school. 

Know Your Goals Before You Start

If you are going to go back to school, do it because you know exactly what you want to do. It’s always a bad idea to just go to college willy nilly without an idea of a degree/career plan. People end with thousands of dollars worth of student loans for absolutely no reason when they take classes that are unnecessary.