Tips to Make the End of the School Year Special

This year has definitely not been a normal year. School kids are missing out on many fun activities and celebrations because of the pandemic and social distancing. With school cancelled for the last few months until the end of the year, most kids won’t be seeing their friends or teachers for the rest of the year. However, even with these differences, you can still make the end of this year special. Our kids deserve praise and recognition for the hard work they have been doing!

  • Celebrate with their friends! Even though we aren’t getting together with big groups of friends, you could still find a way to celebrate with them. You can set up a virtual meeting with your kids and their friends, you could set a designated time and place to meet and do a social distancing meet up (although it does work better with older kids that really won’t go within 6 ft of each other). You could make cards and deliver them on the doorstep of special friends.
  • The last day of school could be special by switching up your routine. I don’t know about your, but the last 8 weeks has been nothing but school work and surviving. We haven’t really switched up the routine at all. It’s kinda sad! But we did it! So, on the last day make a new breakfast, go on a picnic, do the last day of school celebrations with friends, take around your teacher/friends gifts, Face time family and friends, make or order out a yummy dinner. Just by switching up what you do on the last day of school can make a big difference.
  • Gifts. I’m not normally a gift person. I like to do experiences over gifts. However, since this summer is looking like we will be staying home, I’ve thought of a few fun outdoor toys that I could get my kids for the last day of school. That way it’s an end of school year present AND a summertime stay busy present! I got my boys a RipStik which they have been wanting. My little kids have wanted scooters. You could also look at water toys or water guns. 
  • Decorate the house/rooms with banners, balloons and color. The minute the kiddos see the decorations, they know it’s a day to celebrate. Grab balloons from local businesses and hang them outside the house.
  • Show your teachers how much you appreciate them with a simple, inexpensive gift. There is a good article here that gives some great ideas. Our teachers have worked so hard and have switched up their routines and teaching to help our kids succeed. Make their last week/day special.
  • Make a 2020 Time Capsule. This year is one to remember. Have your kids make a capsule to capture the ups and downs of this year. There is a good article you can read here about how to make your own.