Tips for Saving Money on Produce

Image by Couleur from Pixabay


Are you wondering how you can save money on the produce portion of your grocery bill? Although most people think that you can’t save money on produce, guess what? You can!

Oh, and no, I’m not talking about cans of bland fruits and vegetables. When I talk about saving money on produce, I am talking about delicious, healthy fresh produce!

Tips for Saving Money on Produce

Grow Your Own

I absolutely love my garden and I have saved so much money this year using produce that I have grown this year. Every single day for the last 2 weeks I am able to just hop right outside and get the produce to add to our family’s dinner. Every single night and it’s awesome.

Buy From a Farm Stand

If you live in a rural area, look for your local farm stands. Oh my gosh I am able to get some seriously great deals at our local one. I am able to buy zucchini 3/$1, apples for 25 cents each, and the list goes on! 

Stock up on Seasonal Sales

Certain types of produce come on sale during certain times of the year and it is a great idea to stock up when they hit rock bottom. When you buy like this, you can often buy enough at these prices to freeze for later.

Pick Your Own

I recently went to a local blueberry farm. My daughter and I picked 20 pounds of blueberries and the owner of the farm charged only $1 per pound! I assure you I would have paid much, much more in store. 

Watch for Markdowns

When you see produce on markdown, be sure and stock up! I often see over-ripe bananas on a steep discount. When I buy them at a deal like this I take them home and freeze to use in recipes later.

What tips do you follow to save money on produce?