Tips for Shopping at a Thrift Store

ThriftOften times I’m asked how I find such great pieces or hidden treasure from thrift stores. A lot of people just simply think I’m the luckiest person in the world, but that’s not true. Sure, I’ve gotten lucky in the past, but I also have thrift store shopping down to a science. So, don’t become discouraged,  because you can learn how to successfully shop at thrift stores with the tips I’m going to hook you up with today.

#1. Prepare Your Route

It’s important that you map out the locations you’re going to travel to when you decide to go thrift store shopping. Use Google Maps to map out the locations you intend to visit. That way, you know which route is the best and has the least amount of travel time. This way, you’ll save both time and money.

#2. Know Your Trends

I visit popular clothing stores in the area from time to time to take note of what’s in style at the moment. That way, I know what look to go for when I’m shopping at the thrift store.

#3. Bring a Spot Remover

When shopping at thrift stores, you’re going to find clothes that have stains or defects on them. Use a spot remover to see if stains are permanent or can be removed.

#4. Keep a Budget

When I go shopping at thrift stores I have a budget outlined for each store I’m going to visit that day. Typically, I never go over $20 per store.

#5.  Bring Some Music

Shopping at thrift stores can be time consuming and you could end up getting tired. Shopping at thrift stores is something I truly enjoy doing, so I milk it for as long as I possibly can. Therefore, I load upbeat songs on my MP3 player and take it with me, so I will stay energized.

#6. Bring a Shopping Bag

I like to bring my eco-friendly bag with me whenever I’m shopping at thrift stores. A shopping cart can be difficult to navigate down the narrow aisles, especially on busy days.

#7. Bring Items With You to Donate

I like to go through my closet before I go to the thrift store. First of all, you have a chance to clean out your closet. Secondly, it’s good karma to donate items and you also receive tax write-off slips in return. Also, this gives you the chance to go through your closet and see what you need to thrift for.

#8. Try on Clothes

It’s important that you try on the clothing you find at thrift stores. These clothes have been warn before, so they could have shrunk or been stretched out.

#9. Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

Before going to the register, you really need to look at what you have in your cart and ask yourself if you truly need certain items. Do you already own something similar? Will you actually use this item?

#10. Turn Clothes Inside Out

Always make sure you turn your clothes inside out and look at the inside of clothing items to make sure nothing is torn, there’s no stains, etc…