Tips for Throwing Together a Quick Dinner Party



Have you been all of the sudden put into the position of having to host a dinner party?  Maybe some event has happened and you have volunteered to cook for everyone.  Or maybe a celebration is in order??  Whatever the reason, you can have a kick butt dinner party on short notice no problem!

Follow these tips for throwing together a quick dinner party and have fun!

Buy precooked food.  Grab a couple pre-cooked chickens from your local grocery store or a Calzone from your local take and bake pizza place.  These are yummy foods that don’t scream, store bought.    Throw together a salad and voila you have a great meal, quick!  This takes the main part of your meal planning down to just sides and maybe dessert (if you choose to serve dessert that is).  When the main dish is covered, your stress will ease!

Serve simple, yet pretty drinks.  Okay, if you are serving alcohol then make it easy and just grab some wine or beer.  If you are going nonalcoholic, be sure and stock up on soda, tea (store bought is fine) or juice.  Slice up several large lemons and garnish your drinks with them for a bright touch.  And always be prepared with a pot of coffee prepared for your guests.

Serve easy appetizers.  Don’t go crazy with your appetizers.  Set out plates of olives, crackers, baby carrots and other finger foods that are easy to eat and take minimal effort. A great dinner party doesn’t have to mean a formal meal, finger foods are fine.

Buy high quality disposable dishware.  If you are short on time, don’t fear disposable drinkware.  You can easily find nice plastic glasses that are great for serving drinks of all kinds which is nice because you just never know how many drinks your guests will have.  It will save you tons of time on dishes!
The truth is, a dinner party can be great no matter how much time you have to prepare. It doesn’t matter what you serve or what dishes you serve it in. Just be sure that you don’t stress it!