Today Is The Last Day To Possibly Score A NES Classic Edition From Walmart For $59.88 At 2pm PST!


Today is the last day that will have the NES Classic Edition available at 2pm PST for $59.88. These will go super quick though, so you will need to buy it very fast. Here is the link to click on and keep refreshing at 2pm PST. Right now, it says sold out with a higher price, but at exactly 2pm PST it should update to be in-stock at the $59.88 price with the link provided.

I’ve been posting this deal for the last few days, and it’s been causing a huge frenzy. We also learned a few things. Here are some tips we learned that will help you score the deal:

  1. The link provided is the correct link. It looks like a third party seller link right now, but as soon as Walmart updates the stock, it will show up on the link.
  2. The other day, the NES Classic Edition did not come in stock at exactly 2pm PST. It came in stock at exactly 2:18pm PST. Several readers were able to score the deal. You just have to keep refreshing and be very fast when checking out. Yesterday, it did come in stock at exactly 2pm PST though. So it could be random.
  3. Right before the NES Classic Edition came in stock, the price switched from $199 to $499, and then came in stock at $59.88. So if you see prices start to change, that may mean that Walmart is about to stock the item. So keep refreshing and be ready to checkout.
  4. For some reason, Walmart has been restricting certain people from buying the NES. I thought they were restricting entire states, but some people are able to buy them in the same state, while others aren’t. Hopefully they don’t restrict people today.

How can you improve your chances of actually buying the NES Classic Edition for $59.88? I suggest creating a account and adding a credit card and address to the account. This will make checking out a lot faster when you have the NES Classic Edition in your cart.