Todobebe House Party


I usually don’t alert you to house parties, but I wanted to share this one with all of my Hispanic readers.  The show Todobebe (plays on Univision) is having a nationwide house party.  Right now they are trying to recruit 10,000 people to host parties at their home.  That’s a lot of people!

To sign up to participate you will need to become a member of their community.  Once you have done this you will be asked to log in to your account and fill out a small survey.  Then your application for the party will be submitted and it is subject to review and being accepted.  But with 10,000 people they are looking for I think you have a pretty good chance you may get accepted.  Unless, I guess, you don’t meet any of the requirements they are looking for such as having small children and be willing to host a small gathering of people at your home on June 13th.

I did this party last year and they sent me a box filled with goodies.  It had, I think about 60 coupons for $2/1 Pampers diapers, one jumbo pack of Pampers Swaddlers diapers, a baby blanket, a phone card, samples of pampers wipes to give out to your party guests.  Those $2/1 Pampers diapers coupons would be great for super doubles at Kmart.  I think this is a fun thing to do.  Since it’s the summer chances are pretty good you would be having people over for a barbeque.  You could just kill two birds with the same stone and get some cool goodies out of it.