Toys R Us/Babies R Us: Cheap Earth’s Best Baby Food

Toys R Us/ Babies R us is having a two day sale on 7/2 and 7/3.  You can see the ad here.  I spotted a really good deal of Earth’s Best Organic baby food.  The 12 ct value packs will be on sale 2/$5.  This makes each jar or Organic baby food only 20 cents!  That’s cheaper than regular jarred baby food.  Earth’s Best baby food runs around $0.89 per  jar at Target and Walmart.  Now, I need your help with this. The Earth’s Best website has a printable coupon for $1 off 7 jars but I am not sure if you can use it on these at these stores.  I think one of you mentioned doing that.  Please leave a comment with your experience if you have used a coupon on a situation like this successfully.

For the record, I just want to share that while I make Tali’s baby food at home, sometimes it is nice to have some of these jars for car trips, etc. and at 20 cents per jar it’s a good way to get some to have around.