Treat/Reward Yourself Without Buying or Eating Anything!


We all work hard and ever so often we need to treat ourselves. Whether you’ve met your goal weight, stuck to your goals, you keep your patience with your kids, broke a bad habit or stuck to your budget for the month there are ways you can treat yourself or reward yourself without buying anything or eating anything! Here’s a few ideas for you:

  1. Take a Nap – I for one love naps but sometimes they aren’t easy to squeeze in. if you have kids in school though and can find a time to take a nap reward yourself and go lay down!
  2. Give Yourself a Manicure or Pedicure – although it’s nice to have someone else do it that might not be in the budget but you still need to reward yourself for a job well do. So pull out that nail polish and find a good Netflix show to turn on while you give yourself a well-deserved manicure or pedicure.
  3. Read Your Favorite Book – do you have a favorite book you love to go back and read? Why not pull it out and treat yourself to some relaxing time. Or find a new book out there that you’ve been wanting to start and binge read.
  4. Take a Bath – this has to be my favorite. It was a requirement in our new house to have a tub I could sit in and relax. I love treating myself to a nice bath after a hard day’s work. I’ve been known to also make my own bath salts to add to the water!
  5. Binge Watch Something on Netflix – with new shows popping up on Netflix and Hulu, why not reward yourself to some relaxing time and binge watch your favorite tv series on Netflix!
  6. Make a DIY Face mask – there are a lot of great tutorials on Pinterest or you could just do a google search to find one! If you like to get together with your girl friends then make it a girls night and celebrate together!
  7. Go for a Drive – this one might cost you in gas but you can go for a drive and enjoy your surrounds. Maybe find a new place to hike or somewhere you’d like to get out and explore more of.
  8. Go Window Shopping – And why not do a little window shipping. You could go looking for anything – homes, cars, baby items, home décor, furniture etc. It’s fun to dream up ideas!

What’s something you do to treat yourself?