Two Hot Deals at Walgreens


Would you like to know how much I spent on what you see pictured? $1.93 after register rewards.  I also have $45 in Dale and Thomas Gift Cards.

Earlier, Angie left this comment on the weekly deals post:

I wanted to let your readers know that there is currently a glitch in the system at Walgreens when doing the Robitussin deal. It is producing double Register Rewards. I printed 5 of The Rob. coupons, bought 5 bottles @ $4 each, and it printed the $10 Register reward, and 2 $5 Register Rewards. Profit of $10. They will probably catch this error soon but it is a great deal while it lasts.

Since I wanted to rent a movie using the Free Redbox code and Walgreens is on the way I decided to give this a try.  So in my first transaction I bought 3 Robitussins and two Dimetapps.  I paid $11 out of pocket and got $20 in Register Rewards.  Then I bought three of the Popcorn, Indiana Gourmet Popcorn boxes for $2.49 (My store is already at 75% off clearance on the holiday items) and five of the cloth gift bags.  I used $10 in register rewards and paid $0.93 in cash. Each of the gourmet popcorn boxes have a $15 gift card to Dale and Thomas that expires on 3/31/09.  I can use those for a birthday present between now and then.

Edited to add: There are two possibilities of why this may be happening: either there is a glitch in the way the promotion was programmed.  Or there could be a second unadvertised promotion running along side.  This happened recently with a Children’s Tylenol offer when a  weekly register rewards offer coincided with an offer running all month long.

If you would like to take advantage of these  situation please remember this:  If this is a glitch it may get fixed sooner or later.  So take that into account if by the time you hit the store you only get $10 in Register Rewards instead of $20.  But if it is any consolation, you are still getting the medicine for cost of tax only.

This is a sample transaction.

3 Robitussins 4oz
2 Dimetapps 4oz
-6 three $2/1 Robitussin coupons
-4 two $2/1 Dimetapp coupons
=$10 + Tax out of pocket and you may get $20 in register rewards back or $10 for sure.

I noticed I could only print three of each coupons per computer.  I will keep my eye out on this deal to update you as soon as I find out, if it is a glitch, when the glitch gets fixed.

Angie has a couple of other scenarios on her blog too.

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