Two Pack of Back Seat Kick Mats and Organizers for only $12.95 + FREE Shipping! 2016-09-04 14-46-00

If you’re a parent, you’re backseat is probably a mess. Not only with toys,cups, and school papers but also with muddy footprints on the backs of your seats. Oh, yeah…I feel your pain!

Prevent at least some of the mess with this two pack of back seat kick mats and organizers. This set is priced at only $12.95 on eBay right now, and shipping is free! These are super easy to install in most vehicles. They’re long enough to act as a kick mat to protect your seats from muddy shoes, and they have storage pockets to corral all of those kid goodies that inevitably end up in your backseat. They’re also waterproof and washable.