Two Pairs of Kids Boots or Shoes as Low as $5 EACH!!


I usually take any chance I can get to save money on kids’ shoes and boots. My kids wear out and outgrow shoes faster than I can keep up! It’s crazy, I tell ya!

So, when I run across deals like this Fabkids offer, I just have to share! I’ve already grabbed this introductory promo, and I was very satisfied. I really recommend this offer to anyone looking to pick up some inexpensive kids’ shoes!

Right now Fabkids is offering a free $10 welcome credit to new VIP members! This offer also coincides with the BOGO free sale going on right now. These two offers together mean that you can snag some new kicks for the kiddos for as low as two pairs for $9.95! That’s about $5 per pair, which is a pretty wicked deal!


Not ALL shoes will be this inexpensive, though, so pay attention to those prices! Choose two pairs of shoes that are priced at $19.95 each, and your total should be only $9.95 for both pairs after the BOGO sale and $10 credit. More expensive shoes will cost you more overall, but you can still get some great deals! For instance, two pairs of shoes priced at $24.95 each will cost you $14.95 for both pairs and two pairs pried at $29.95 each will cost you $19.95 for both pairs.

Once you become a Fabkids VIP member, you’ll receive new styles handpicked just for your kid by our style team each month. Visit your FabShop by the 5th of the month to check out the styles for you. If you don’t want to make a purchase, simply ‘Skip The Month’ by the 5th and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you’d like, and you can cancel at any time.


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