Unlimited FREE Shipping From Walmart Coming Soon…at $50 Per Year

unlimited free shipping from walmart

It’s a little late, but Walmart’s counteroffensive to Amazon Prime is just around the corner! Pretty soon, consumers can get unlimited free shipping from Walmart…for a price, of course. This service will set you back $50 per year, which is about half the price of Amazon Prime.

The unlimited free shipping from Walmart is scheduled to start this summer. You can sign up and get on the waitlist for now. At first, this program will be invitation only, to allow consumers to test the service and provide feedback. It’s not clear exactly how the test participants will be chosen, but they may be chosen from the people on the waitlist.

All of the details of the unlimited free shipping from Walmart program aren’t completely clear yet either. Here’s what we do know so far…

  • Consumers can get unlimited free shipping from Walmart all year, after a $50 fee.
  • There’s no minimum purchase requirement after you pay the $50.
  • Most items will be shipped and arrive in three days, which is one day more than Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping.
  • Unlimited free shipping from Walmart will include bestselling products from a number of different categories, including baby, clothing, electronics, health and beauty, and more.

So, the big question now is will the unlimited free shipping from Walmart be worth it?

That’s a difficult question to answer at this point. It’s not clear whether additional services, like Amazon Prime’s free video streaming and book download, will also be offered, for instance. It also really depends on how much you shop at Walmart.com and if the convenience of free shipping will be worth it for you.

Getting unlimited free shipping from Walmart on certain items could be well worth the $50 per year, for example, if you value your time and want to save trips to the store. With this service, you could simple order items online and have it shipped right to your door. You could use the service to make sure that you never run out of everyday essentials, like soap and toilet paper.

What do you think about this unlimited free shipping from Walmart service? Would it be something you would consider?


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