Update to Walmart and All You: $10 Gift Card Mail in Rebate

A little over two months ago I shared the following rebate offer with you: get a $10 GC when you buy select Kelloggs, Cottonelle or Zicam products.  Yesterday I received this email from Stephanie and was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience:

I was wondering if you or anyone else you know got their rebate mailed in fast enough to get this offer. I acted really fast and got an email finally today that said they are  exhausted of rebates!

Leave me a comment, if you sent in for this rebate, did you get a gift card or a letter saying the offer had reached it limit?  I don’t like rebates that state “first X submissions, will be honored” because there is too much unknown and this may be the last time I share such rebate with you guys.