The Value of a Handy Person

I am not referring to myself of course. As a matter of fact my carelessness cost us $165 this weekend. Who could have thought making dinner would turn out to be expensive?
Saturday evening I was preparing dinner and part of it involved chopping onions. I threw away the peels from the onions down the garbage disposal. But that seemed to be too much for the motor of our garbage disposal.
Sunday morning my husband set to task and was able to find (with the help of Consumer Reports) a top rated garbage disposal, on sale 20% off. Then he spend a total of no more than 15 minutes installing it. I couldn’t stop but think how much it would have been to call a plumber.
I really thank my lucky stars for a handy husband. He has been able to save us so much money. Since we have been together he increased the value of our old house by finishing the basement. He has installed dishwashers, washer and dryer, added insulation to our house. He also fenced in our yard, set up my vegetable garden (very nicely, when the snow melts I’ll show you guys). He changes the oil in our cars every time and he’s learning how to change the fluids in our cars.
I know I am missing a lot more he has done. But it isn’t about what he has done but his willingness to learn how to do something. He has self-taught a lot of the handy skills he now possesses and is not shy about giving something a try.
Are you handy? or is it your spouse who is handy? Or are you the “hand me the phone I am calling the plumber” type?