Dead Now! Victoria’s Secret: 3 Sweaters and a Scarf for $31


Here’s another sweet deal from Victoria’s Secret: you can get three sweaters and a scarf for $31 or so, shipping included.  Here’s how to get this deal:

  • Sign up or login to your Ebates account.  Look for Victoria’s Secret in the Ebates search bar.
  • Once you are at the Victoria’s Secret website click on “Clothing” and then on the right side you will see the offer 3 Sweaters for $30. Click on that to see the eligible sweaters.
  • Choose three sweaters from that page. Then look for item EG-257630 and choose the scarf with the color of your choice.
  • Head to check out and use the following three codes at checkout (you can use up to three codes):

vssave20 to get 20% Off A Single Clothing Item
scarf09 to get Free Scarf
3for30 to get Three Sweaters for $30

Your total after you have done this should be $30.99 plus taxes. In addition to this, today is the last day of the Victoria Secret Secret Rewards card, so you will get a card included in this shipment that you can use from 12/1-12/24. The value of the card could be from $10-$500 but you won’t know until you go to the store to use it. But even a $10 card should get you some freebies. Going through Ebates will get you an additional 6% off your purchase in cashback, plus if you are new to Ebates you get $5 bonus for signing up.  If you don’t want to bother with Ebates click on this page to see the 3/$30 sweaters.

Thanks She Saved!

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