Virtual Learning Tips To Help You & Your Students!

This year has been the year of transition for many, including our children. They’ve had to adapt to virtual school, in person school, remote learning and even home school. Even though we’ve all had different options in how our children get their education, many are having to spend some time online with virtual learning so here are some tips to help you and your student succeed!

  1. Give Yourself Grace – this is most important in my option. There are many challenges and hurdles you’ll face so take it one day at a time. Each child learns differently and finding the way your child learns best will be so rewarding in the end.
  2. Help Your Kids Focus with Sensory Toys – I have a daughter that definitely works best when she has some type of sensory toy in her hands to keep them busy while she reads and studies. Many teachers use these in their own classroom and can have many benefits. You can find some great sensory toys right on Amazon with quick shipping options.
  3. Find a Reward System – I remember my children coming out after school so excited to show me what they earned out of the classroom treasure box. So we took this same concept and came up with a reward system at home. For some kids this is little toys, treats/candy or extra time on the gaming system. Find what helps motivate your child and run with it.
  4. Take Breaks – Kids have breaks at school, they’re going to need them at home too. Find a routine that works for you but don’t get caught up in following it exactly. If you find they’re getting extremely frustrated while working on math, take a break. Let them run out back for a minute or grab a snack. Just a quick break can do wonders for your child and yourself.
  5. Get Some Good Blue Light Blocking Glasses – This is a different kind of learning for our students in which they’re spending a lot of time on screens. Investing in some good blue light blocking glasses can help decrease headaches, dizziness and even help with sleep.
  6. Make Sure to Have a Clean Working Space – We’ve been going at this virtual learning for awhile now and I’ve seen my kids learn and can concentrate so much better when their working space is clean from clutter. So we always take 5 minutes to do a quick clean up before we start our school work.