Vistaprint:140 Personalized Labels for Only $5, Including Shipping!



This great Vistaprint offer is back!  For as little as $5–including shipping–you can get labels from Vistaprint. Here are some more ideas on how you can use these labels!

  • Create gift tags and stick the ends together to seal a twisted goodie bag or stick them on top of a gift or baked treat.
  • Use them as “property of” or “belongs to” labels for your children’s school supplies.
  • Design your own jar labels for baking ingredients like flour and sugar for a spin on the classic chalkboard labels.
  • Send a couple their own personalized set with their names and new address after their wedding or move.
  • Upload your own design or pictures to wrap around toothpicks to create adorable cupcake flags for a special occasion.

With thousands of designs–from bright chevron, to pastel flowers and SpongeBob–you can easily find your favorite design at Vistaprint!