Walgreens: Cottonelle Toiler Paper Register Reward Update

I just wanted to give you a very important update on this register reward deal that I shared with you yesterday.  The $3 RR when you buy two Cottonelle toilet paper packs is NOT printing at the moment.  It looks like the UPC for the items that are on the shelf have not been included in the offer and this is preventing the register rewards from printing.

So what can you do?  if you already purchased the toilet paper you can call the Catalina Company at 1-888-8COUPON and they will be able to help you get your register rewards.

UPDATE: The working UPC on the product is  0 36000 13396 7.  If the Cottonelle you buy has a different UPC it is because it is newer product that has been left out of the list of products included in the offer (by mistake).

Thanks, Mashup Mom!