Walgreens: Free Snickers Easter Eggs Deal Even Better Next Week

This week you can get free Snickers Easter Eggs at Walgreens when you combine the $1/2 Mars Easter candy in the 3/20 inserts with the 2/$1 sale this week.  BUT I wanted to share this info from Anita about how you can get an even better deal next week:

I was looking over Walgreen’s ad scans for next week (3/27-4/02)   and I found that if we hold on to the $1/ 2 Mars coupon from yesterday’s RP (3/20) that the deal gets much better.

If we use that coupon this week, the Snicker’s Creme Eggs  are 2/ $1 and one  coupon makes two for free…..BUT if we wait one week (delayed gratification)   the deal would be fantastic.

Next week these are .29 cents !   You could buy 7 of them, totaling $2.03  and use two coupons to get 7 for 3 cents!

My store has tons, I checked, so I am holding out!


Now, I know some of you probably have a few Easter baskets to fill so more eggs for your coupon is probably a better deal.  If you did not get this coupon in your inserts yesterday, you may want to check The Coupon Clippers or Ebay to see if you can get any.  I just saw some sellers have 20 of them for $2.75.  That would be 70 eggs for 30 cents after coupon + the cost of the coupons ($2.75). That’s a LOT of chocolate eggs so share with friends and family!

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