UPDATED: Walgreens Photo Stamps Deal Gets Even Better!


Remember that you can get an additional 15% off on the kits tomorrow 7/31 only.  Makes this an even better deal.

I am so glad I have amazing readers!  Reader Ashley just left a comment with a way to make the Walgreens Photo Stamp Deal even better!  Just to recap, you can buy the Photostamps kit at Walgreens for $7.19 on clearance (down from $19.99 regular price).  This kit will allow you to create stamps using your own images.  In addition the kit comes with a gift certificate to get 20 FREE first class stamps and free shipping.  Basically you pay $7.19 to get $8.88 worth of stamps.  That should be good enough right?  Well, not really!

If you are a member of Upromise, you can get $8 added to your Upromise account for each transaction you do on PhotoStamps!  Not familiar with Upromise? Upromise is a program that allows you to save towards your children or grandchildren or even your own college education every time you shop through them.  They have a list of associated online merchants that give you a “rebate” in the form of savings added to your account every time you go through Upromise.  But perhaps the best way to save is when you register your grocery store cards.  When you do this, every time you shop one of the participating products you get money added to your account.  You get even more when you upload Upromises’s Ecoupons.  These Ecoupons are updated every month and are actually pretty high value but remember that you don’t see the savings reflected on your grocery bill but added to your Upromise account.  While these savings may not be huge they add up and when you think about it, it’s effortless savings.  So it’s a very painless way to save.

So, if you are a Upromise member and find the kit, go through Upromise to complete your transaction.  If you are not a member of Upromise yet, even if you don’t find the kit you really want to join this program and make every cent count.  Join Upromise now!