Walgreens Promotion for the Week of May 4 to May 10

Starting tomorrow (please note this doesn’t start until Sunday 4th), Walgreens has a promotion on Procter and Gamble products. The basic premise of the offer is to get you to buy a certain number of items and based on that you get some of your money back in the form of a coupon for money off your next purchase (Register Reward). With this promotion if you buy 3 items you get $4 Register reward (RR) back, if you buy from 4 items you get $6 in RR back, if you buy 5-8 items you get $10 in RR back and if you buy nine or more you get an additional $10 RR back for a total of $20 in RR when you buy nine items.

  • These are free/moneymakers:

The Charmin Freshmate wipes ($1.99 after using in-store ad coupon) and Crest Prohealth regular or night toothpaste 4.2oz ($5/2 but $2 for two after you use the coupon in the Easy Saver catalog)
So if you buy nine tubs of Charmin wipes you spend $17.91+tax OOP and get $20 in RR back. The ad does say limit three tubs but whether this limit is enforced or not depends on your store. At my store I have never seen a limit enforced. With the toothpaste if you buy nine tubes you only spend $9+ tax OOp and get $20 in RR back. You will notice that the coupon for the toothpaste in the Easysaver catalog says limit two, and you may wonder if it will apply to the ninth product. But once one coupon is scanned it is applied to the number of products purchased on that transaction that match the coupon. So make sure you are buying the right size and type of toothpaste. So these are the two things you can get for free this week.

  • These are the things you can get for very cheap:

– Cascade Dish detergent 45oz powder or gel and 12 count action packs 2/$5.
– Mr Clean two pack magic eraser, 28 oz cleaner and 27-35 pack wipes also 2/$5
– Febreeze Air Effects 2/$5
– Oral B Satin or Ultra Dental Floss 2/$5

So, let’s say you get 9 of these items without using any clipped coupons, you pay $22.5 and get $20 in RR back. Your out of pocket would be less if you combine these prices with coupons from your Sunday Inserts. There were coupons for Procter and Gamble products Sunday 4/6 and there will also be coupons out this Sunday. I checked on my price book and I have Cascade gel 125 oz for$7.75 at Costco, with this offer I can get 405 oz for $2.5.

I know someone out there is thinking, but it is not free if I still have to pay $22.50 out of my own pocket. Yes, but you get $20 back in register rewards. Just use it to buy things you will usually spend your money on. Someone sent me an email asking me how I could make a resolution to spend $2 out of pocket per pack of diapers, where was I finding such a great deal? Promotions like this one allow me to spend little money out of pocket on diapers. I spend money to buy things that I need and the money I get back in register rewards I use to buy diapers. Some other things I will be buying: toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, canned goods, soda, etc.

If, *knock on wood*, it all goes well I should come out ahead about $70 with this deal and end up with dish washing detergent, floor cleaners, wipes and toothpaste on top of that.